Suuurfing Da Webs

So I looked up the artist that did Aspen to see if she had a website other than ebay so I can check up on dolls she may have for sale or just keep up with her work. When I found a forum post by another ebay user saying there was an issue with a doll SOLD TO HER. Now, the woman writing was the seller so I don’t have an issue with whatever she was saying regarding the transaction. But it’s when she called the girl out saying “she makes cheap bald dolls.” that really got me.

Let me tell you what I’ve learned so far about the reborn community. There’s some really great artists willing to help others that want to get into the hobby that love communicating with others about their babies, sharing stories, pictures, hauls etc. There are some people that really care about the others in the community.

Then there’s the ones that constantly judge others. I’m not saying that this woman was judging or wrong whatever but the artist that did Aspen did an amazing job. I would buy another baby from her in a heart beat. Maybe not everything is 100 percent perfect but he looks damn real and he’s perfect to me. There’s those that don’t understand some of the members to this hobby are young and don’t have jobs or simply can’t afford to drop 200-1000 dollars on a doll so they go for a cheaper “factory doll” (I’ve seen some of those factory dolls go for like 200 bucks lol) when I got into this I didn’t know the difference between reborns and factory dolls. Lily and Aiden aren’t “reborns” persay but does that make them “less” than Aspen? Some in the community would say Yes and that saddens me. Some people judge other’s work way too harshly. This is a hobby that takes practice. It’s art form like any other. No one does it 100 percent perfect all the time does that mean that these babies are thought of less by their owners? no.

This is a HOBBY. But for some people they invest emotions and feelings into the hobby. I look at Aspen and I see perfection. Like a mother look upon and sees her son. I know he’s a doll but he’s mine. He’s perfect to me and I would hate to think someone is thinking he’s a less than doll or anything short of perfect.

Who are we to judge if something brings happiness who cares if it was made in a factory or if it’s not the exact same thing as reborns. Let’s embrace others and not exclude them because MAYBE they can’t afford to buy what we can.

Matthew is an Ashton Drake doll he isn’t a “reborn” by community definition that does not make us love Matthew any less. It does not make Aspen “better” simply because he is a reborn. Aiden and Lily are not reborns they are from Paradise Gallery and they are loved just the same.

I saw this in the “Dollfie” community. I use the term Dollfie to refer to Ball Jointed Dolls but dollfies are actually only from Volks. I have 12 BJDs (many of them don’t have bodies except 4) I’ve seen hate, I’ve been disgusted by the behavior of people in the fandom and I’ve seen love and acceptance. I’ve dished out 2000 dollars for my biggest and “oldest” limited BJD “Shuya” and I’ve spent 200 on custom heads from Luts (which is a Korean BJD company Volks is Japanese) I’ve seen fights over if MSDs (the smaller of BJD when I last was collecting now they have such smaller ones) “aren’t really dollfies” or that its gross since they look younger like children. I’ve heard people scream at others for calling their dolls “the kids” .

The point is I’ve been down this rodeo before.

I enjoy my dolls. ALL of them no matter the company, no matter the make, artist, country it was made in. I think they each are perfect and different and I love it that way. I don’t think any doll is any “better” than others because to the person they belong to they are beautiful, priceless and bring something to their lives.

I’ve been so blessed to meet awesome people I have on Instagram and youtube and here on word press I consider you all friends. And I love you for your loving, open, caring, compassionate acceptance of others and what makes them happy.

I have yet to see one person judge another as far as my friends and the people I’ve met on here. I’ve seen it around, and online, but not with my friends.

Thank you for all your kind words on my babies. And I so look forward to seeing pics of your babies daily. It’s gets me through the day and makes me feel less crazy.

You’re all beautiful talented people 😀


And maybe one day when I get pics from my other computer I’ll show you all Shuya and his gang of Ball Jointed Crazies XD


I think I’ve lost my mind..

There’s very few times I’ll write here about actual shit that has nothing to do with dolls. Brace yourself because today, is that day. I came home in a pretty weird mood. Not 100 percent annoyed and not 100 percent uber happy somewhere in between.

I was typing online, staring at my computer screen when I saw something move past my mirror, a person. From the presence I feel she’s a woman and it’s almost like I can see her in my mind. I don’t know who she is or what she wants..

Maybe I just need sleep.

But I go online to facebook and in the middle of everyone’s cool happy snipets of “facebook movies” (like a cool ‘movie’ of your shares and most liked pics and statuses through your years on facebook) I see a shocking story of an 11 year old boy that hung himself after being bullied for liking My Little Pony. I choked up from just the title and picture. I forced myself to read on. I can not believe in this day and age that the word gay is being used to degrade people. At 11 years old I liked all kinds of things. I owned She-ra AND all the heman figures and even he man play sets and vehicles. I owned GI Joe toys with Barbies and so many ninja turtles I can’t even remember them all. I loved playing video games with my brothers and had no interest in boys until I was about 17 years old. Why do we put so much pressure on children now a days? Why do we CONSTANTLY force boys to act as men and the men that were forced as boys to BE men make the rules on what a “man” is. At 11 years old you SHOULD be able to watch a my little pony cartoon without a care in the world because, you’re a child, and that’s what children do. But no. In this world, when you’re an 11 year old boy that likes MLPs you get bullied so much that you can’t take anymore and you hang yourself from your bunk bed.

Lets give this a few seconds to sink in.

You’re 11.

You’ve had enough of being made fun of being called gay because you fucking like a cartoon.

You decide in your small cute little head that’s suppose to be dreaming of talking turtles and what you ate for dinner becoming a mutant, you’ve decided to fashion a noose and hang yourself from your bed. Not from the bottom bunk, no the top because at 11, you know how to kill yourself properly.

Let’s let it sink in that this poor boy probably endured endless weeks of being made fun of that maybe he stopped watching the show even though he loves it, that he now knows being gay is a bad thing and something worth making fun of (I’m not saying he was gay) that he PROBABLY FUCKING GOOGLED HOW TO KILL YOUSELF BECAUSE WHAT FUCKING 11 YEAR OLD THINKS ABOUT HANGING THEIR FUCKING SELVES???

I’m sorry, I can’t. I just can’t. I was made fun of in high school. I wasn’t called gay but I was called fat and ugly. I had things thrown at me, I was told not to wear a skirt because it was making someone sick to look at me. I know how awful it is to have no where to go no one to tell to not be able to stop the feelings to look at the bright side not able to escape the voices in my head telling me enough is enough and I’d be better off dead.

This part of me prays for this little child, wants to break out claw through my skin to tell him please stay strong that it gets better. I want my soul to reach to his to hold his hand to whisper not to give up. To show those bullies he’s stronger than them!

It makes me so sad.

Scroll down a bit more already in tears and I see a story of an abused pitbull his face so badly mangled his eyes and face are covered in bandages and stitches.

I can’t take this world anymore.

Why do these people that do these bad things get to keep doing bad things and good people/animals die, get hurt scarred for life etc.

I just don’t fucking understand it and it kills me.

I’m going to snuggle with Aspen and try to nap *le sigh* please keep the little boy in your thoughts. And all little boys and all little girls and all women and men that go through the same thing over and over every day.

My heart and soul scream to you, please hear it. Things DO get better and ending it IS NOT the answer.